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How can you guarantee that your information is secure ? links its customers to respectable online pharmacies that are protected by the highest security SSL tools available today. The website which receives the actual payment for the generic drugs hosts the data at a separate secured host, making the information safe thanks to an encryption software. In addition, your private information is kept password protected. From our experience, don't share your password with others. Keep it to yourself and don't write or type it where others can see it.

Who should I contact if I encounter any difficulties while browsing ?

For any technical problem in the site, kindly contact us on: {$WEBSITEEMAIL} and we will solve the problem ASAP.

What is your refund policy ?

Due to strict federal laws (as well as local laws) pharmacies are not allowed to accept medications back after they have been dispatched to you. In case your generic drug package was delivered damaged or failed to arrive, please contact our associate online pharmacy that gave you the receipt for refund or replacement of goods.

What is your delivery policy ? is an affiliate pharmacy website. The generic medications we provide information about are sent to you via independent pharmacies. Please check the delivery policy when you checkout at the actual pharmacy website. We recommend you to print or save a copy of the delivery policy with your order confirmation. connects you to the best online sources for high quality generic meds at affordable prices

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